Building Updates

Check back often for the latest updates, and see below a gallery of the latest photos of the plans and construction.

  • October 13: Official occupancy was granted by the COG. All services and events will now take place at the new chapel building in Beavertown. See you there!
  • October 11: Much was accomplished this week: the interior doors have been completed, the chandelier has been hung, the cabinets in the altar area have been installed and the nave floor uncovered. We have also moved in some furnishings. We give thanks to God for blessing us with this beautiful Temple. We also give thanks for Fine Touch Builders who have used their gifts of craftsmanship to construct the Temple. What a blessing they have been. If you are able Come and See.
  • October 6: This week, the trim work around the windows was completed. Also, the doors between the narthex and nave were installed. Molding work on the doors is to be completed tomorrow. Water fountains were installed in the nave. We are getting very close to being finished!
  • October 4: Archbishop Melchisedek visited the Chapel on Saturday morning. A moleben was served with the Temple being blessed. What a blessing to have him with us!
  • September 28: Another productive day at the Chapel! The woodwork was started, the bathroom doors were hung, and the toilets and baseboard heaters were installed.
  • September 23: The hardwood flooring is almost complete in the nave.
    The flooring in the narthex and bathrooms just needs the grout.
  • September 17: Although the crew ran into some trouble yesterday hooking into the sewer, today it got all taken care of! We are now hooked into water and sewer. More dirt was delivered to even out the slop around the building.
    Last, but not least, the sconces in the nave were installed! They look beautiful. Thank you Lord for each day of blessings you give us!
  • August 30: The interior drywalling is complete. 15 gallons of paint and 17 gallons of primer have been ordered to arrive for painting to begin on Wednesday. It was a pleasure to have some visitors at worship at the Chapel this morning. They could not head out of town until they checked out the progress of the Chapel building.
  • August 18: Drywall work begun this week. Things are moving along very nicely.
  • August 13: The cross was raised today! Thanks be to God! Thank you Fine Touch Builders you did a great job!
  • July 22: Today the shingling was completed and the windows were installed! This group of men is amazing! Thank you Fine Touch Builders!!
  • July 17: The trusses that were to be delivered on Monday came today! So they were all put in place, as well is the cupola.
  • July 15: What an exciting day! This morning we had no walls up and by 4:30 p.m. all the walls were standing. Also some framing done inside. Deacon David and Matushka Brenda got to be inside the temple for the first time!
  • July 14: The foundation is complete and sub-flooring is down. The green portion you see laying on the floor is the east wall and should be standing in a day or two. Framing to be done for the next couple of days and trusses to arrive early next week! To God be the Glory!
  • July 11: The foundation blocks were delivered Thursday, July 9! Nothing was done on Friday, but at 9 a.m. Saturday morning we had 3/4 of a foundation. The guys at Find Touch Builders were up early.
  • July 6: Excavation is now under way.
  • Groundbreaking will take on June 28 at 12:15 p.m., with completion expected in late Fall. The Chapel will host a small ceremony on the lot (145 N. Kern St., Beavertown) followed by a light lunch reception at the home of Dn. David and Brenda Smith (1 block away, 350 Old Orchard Dr., Beavertown), original meeting location of the church.
  • In April 2015, blueprints were submitted to the Central Keystone Council of Governments. In May, the project was approved pending inconsequential changes to the site plan in order to meet code. All other building permits have been obtained.
  • At the March 2015 Parish Council meeting of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church (State College), the Chapel’s sponsoring organization, His Eminence Archbishop Melchisedek expressed his unwavering support for proceeding with the finalizing the building project. The archbishop oversees the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, of which the Chapel is a part.
  • In February 2015, the Chapel brought in an consultant to survey the core group and reach consensus on a revised version of the building project, which more closely resembles the original concept of a “chapel of ease,” that is, a building operating under the guidance of a main parish  church (in our case, Holy Trinity in State College) for the regular attendance of those who cannot reach it conveniently.
  • The final approved project accommodates 60 persons and has been designed in such a way that it can be expanded on the north, east, and west sides (to make a cruciform shape) when future growth warrants it.
  • Holy Trinity’s Parish Council unanimously authorized the parish to enter into a $116,655.00 contract with Fine Touch Builders, and entered into an agreement with the Archdiocese of Western Pennsylvania to finance a portion of the project (no more than $80,000) at zero percent (0%) interest for the first five years with a payment of $250.00 per month. The Chapel community thanks the Archdiocesan Council for their support.


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