The traveling Orthodox Men’s Quartet of State College, Pa. announced today that they will sing the worship hymns and responses here at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit on Sunday, March 20 at 10:00 am. The quartet will perform English translations of ancient (4th century and earlier) compositions in their original settings, based entirely on the Christian Old and New Testament canons of scripture. In particular, Znamenny, Kievan, and Byzantine chants will be featured.

“An important prayer [said during the service is] ‘God will sanctify those who love the beauty of His house,'” said choirmaster Benedict Sheehan who compiled the music that will be sung at the Chapel. ”How do we love the beauty of God’s house? We do it by beautifying God’s house. That could be done through architecture, … through iconography, … but also through beautiful singing.” Though less than a year old, the Chapel’s simple, but beautiful, architecture and artwork have become known throughout the Orthodox world for its excellent acoustics and faithfulness to traditional Christian design. 

Guest celebrant and homilist Archpriest John Reeves, also of State College, will preside at the service. Coffee and fellowship will follow. For more information, contact Rev. Deacon David Smith, Chapel administrator, at ‭(570) 541-8594‬.